Fit Friday Review: Map My Run


In order to meet personal goals and progress further in your fitness regime, you must record what you do (i.e. How many sets of what weight you do, or how many KM you run/walk/jog, etc.) Whether it be weight training or cardio exercises, the best way to move to the next step is by outdoing yourself. Your only competition is yourself.

At the gym you may see people with a notebook and pen, jotting down some quick notes once they have completed their set. This is a great way to keep record of what you have done, for future reference. But this doesn’t work as practically for cardio, for the obvious reasons. Most of us are so dependent on our cell phones, we carry them everywhere and use them for a multitude of purposes.


Map My Run is a great free app (with a website component) that allows you to track personal goals, challenge yourself, listen to music, and quite literally maps your run for you.  Using GPS, the maps are comprehensive, showing you where you have run, how long you ran for, distance,  and splits (a breakdown of minutes per KM). It is a very easy to use app, and allows you to go back and re-visit previous runs to allow you to be much more mindful of your progress.

The Map My Run app also allows you to track your progress in other areas of fitness too (workout options include baseball, yoga, salsa dancing, and virtually every other type of workout) and connect with friends through social media.  And if you don’t have a smart phone, or want to access your Map My Run app from a computer, Map My Run has a website too, so you don’t need to be tied to only using the app.

mapsTo be honest, I’ve always hated running. I found it boring, and I would just go until I couldn’t go anymore. Not sure if my limit was my stamina, or just lack of motivation. (Leaning toward the latter of the two.) I’ve found that by using Map My Run, I’m constantly looking forward to going for a run because I have a visual goal that I need to meet or beat- which for me is crucial. There is nothing about this app that I would change or that I dislike. It is very simple to set up, use, and review previous run details. You can look back at your last runs and set a target for your next run, whether it’s distance or speed.  As we all know, cardiovascular health is extremely important- bodybuilder or not. You can use Map My Run for walking, jogging, biking, hiking, etc. While the weather is nice, try taking a break from the treadmill or stationary bike, head outside and give Map My Run a shot!

To sum it up…

Pros: Easy to use, tracks distance and location, gives a km per minute breakdown, and allows you to play your music while you use the app.

Cons: None!

Cost: Free

The Map My Run app is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.


One thought on “Fit Friday Review: Map My Run

  1. Running gets you out of the house, quick exercise, FREE, time for yourself, and more!
    Welcome to running my son! I am so proud of you and wish you all the luck. I agree about Map My Run since I use it for my runs, walks & hike. Your dad loves to see how many KM we walked with this app.
    Good luck and keep it up! Hope to run with you some day!
    love you lots

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