“Reading to Children” by Jez Alborough

reading to children

Jez Alborough has written some of the most clever, thoughtful, and entertaining children’s books out there on the  market today.  This British author has created lovable and memorable characters like…




Jez Alborough books are a family favourite in our house.  Little Bear adores the characters and the writing, while Arun and I appreciate the humor and life lessons in every book.

Jez Alborough’s website is a wealth of materials to support his books.  He has even recorded some of the songs that go with his books and has lots of links to his readings of his books.  Also on his website is a great article that he has written all about the importance of reading to children. I enjoyed reading about this from his perspective, as his books are some of our favourite books to read aloud!

Check out his article here, and let me know what you think of it!


Have you ever read any Jez Alborough books before? 

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