August Book Club: Week 1

August 2014 Book Club

Welcome to the first (mid-) week of the August book club.  Our week started off leisurely, as we forgot that we had a Monday while we relaxed in the sunshine of the long weekend.  Today everyone was back to work, even the toddlers! Busy day of playing, creating, learning, and of course, reading!

The first book is King Jack and the Dragon, by Peter Bently (with illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.  For more on the book, including suggested activities, check out my original August post here.


Today Little Bear was feeling a bit tired, so we did a lot more reading and free play and less structured play.  He has read this book before and loves it, so he asked to read this book 5 times in just the afternoon and early evening.  He was particularly interested in the pictures of the dragons and beasts, asking what they were.  And since he was so sleepy, he had fun reading and cuddling a stuffed dragon that he was recently given by his aunt.


He wasn’t initially interested in the idea of making a dragon, but once I set out the paints and let him choose his colours, he got more excited.  The dragon painting was short-lived, but he had a great time painting on the newspaper I had set down for us to paint on.



20140806-021113-7873147.jpgLittle Bear really enjoyed making his crown and his sword.  He coloured the crown with markers and decorated it with glitter glue.  For the sword, he helped me cover it in aluminum foil and then decorated the handle.  Then we got added some great Melissa and Doug stickers that he was given to by a friend of ours. This particular set of stickers (the “Blue” collection) has a page for dinosaurs, race cars, construction vehicles, animals, sports, emergency vehicles, outer space, gross stuff (like worms and eyeballs), and even a whole page of dragons, knights, and swords!  After choosing a few stickers to decorate the sword with, Little Bear covered his shirt with all sorts of the Melissa and Doug stickers.  If you haven’t had a chance to use these stickers, I highly recommend them for their good size and variety.

His favourite activity today was definitely making the crown and he cried when he had to take it off at night.





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2 thoughts on “August Book Club: Week 1

  1. I love when we can sit down and enjoy arts and crafts as a family. Today we had so much fun reading King Jack and the Dragon and then building our own dragons and a sword so Braylen could “fight” them off and protect the fort we built for him. Just seeing the smile on face and hearing his giggles is truly the best thing ever. Pictures posted to #happyblurrybeautiful #hbbtoddlerbookclub
    Thanks Ritu!!!

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