Making Dragons


As part of our King Jack and Dragon week, Little Bear and I made fire-breathing dragons today.  This activity is fun, hands-on, and helps your tot practice key fine motor skills (gluing, folding, ripping and painting).


Materials needed:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paint (Whatever colour your tot chooses for their dragon.  Little Bear chose blue and green.)
  • Red streamers or crepe paper, ripped into strips (get your tot to help with this)
  • Orange construction paper, cut into strips and folded accordion style (get your tot to help with the folding)
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Double sided tape (if your googly eyes don’t have adhesive backs)


1. Invite your toddler to paint the toilet paper roll.  They can use a brush, their fingers, or sponges – whatever works!  Let it dry completely.

2. Gather materials and help your toddler assemble their dragon.  I had a number of googly eyes in front of Little Bear and let him choose how many he thought the dragon needed. I put double-sided tape on the back of the eyes and Little Bear stuck them onto the toilet paper roll.


3. Have your tot glue the “fire” to the opposite end (inside) of the dragon.  Little Bear enjoyed twisting the glue stick up and using the glue…and got more glue on himself than on the “fire.” He was proud of his dragon for about 2 minutes, and then ripped all the fire off the dragon so he could glue it again.

4. Blow air through your dragon and watch your dragon breathe fire!









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