August Book Club: Week Two

Welcome to our farm week, all centred around Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. This is our second book for August.  To find the first book, click here.  To find the August schedule, click here.

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that yesterday we started by reading the book a few times and then got out into the yard before it got too hot. I had some weed wrangling to do, so Little Bear helped pull weeds, mowed the lawn with his toy lawn mower, and picked flowers for me! We talked a lot about what we saw in the garden. He asked some great questions and really impressed me when he asked about what bees do to flowers. We have two large bushes in our front yard which get these amazing orange flowers every August. There are drones of bees working in and around the bush, collecting pollen. We talked about what pollen is and what bees do to it. He was surprised when I told him that was how we got honey.


Today we talked some more about bees and their work and he remembered our conversation yesterday, even the word “pollen,” which isn’t a high frequency word in our household (we’re lucky to not have severe allergies!).

20140812-213504-77704087.jpg We read Big Red Barn quite a few times over the course of the day, but also read lots of other books with farms and farm animals. We worked on some crafts as well. The first craft we did was a handprint sheep with cotton balls all over his body. We used a googly eye instead of trying to draw it on. Little Bear loved when I traced his hand and thought it was hysterical when I cut out the handprint and held it up for him to compare to his actual hand. He was not at all interested in gluing the cotton balls though, so he spread the glue on the paper and then used a toy fire truck to push cotton balls onto the glue. Not the most traditional approach, but he had a lot of fun, and really that’s all it’s about!!

The second craft we worked on was a craft that I knew Little Bear would love: handprint farm animals (painted). He loves working with paint. For Mother’s Day he worked with Arun to paint me a beautiful garden on canvas for that he’s still very proud of (my favourite piece of art in the world!). For a 2 year old, he started off really well – steady hand, just a tiny bit of giggling. Then he got into his toddler groove and the handprints become blobs.




In the end it all came together, but we were only able to make two types of animals. He wanted to paint with the brush after that, so he painted for a bit before running off, all covered in paint, the lightest coloured object in the room.

The end result:



Later that day we had some fun with play dough. I set up an invitation to play for Little Bear with play dough, a couple of farm animal cookie cutters, some farm animals and a tractor. The tractor was a huge lure…he loves play dough, but nothing comes between this boy and his trucks.

Little Bear loved marching the animals through the play dough and using the cookie cutters. When he was all done with the animals, we pushed he tractor on the play dough to see what tracks it made.









Overall, a fun, farm-filled day…minus the farm.  Today was much too muggy to actually get out and see those farm animals! Between the rain and the heat, we kept our farm indoors today.  Hopefully we’ll get out to see the animals before the week is up!

3 thoughts on “August Book Club: Week Two

  1. I love when books have hidden animals/objects on every page. We actually didn’t notice that yet on this book… even better reason to read it yet again!
    We really liked reading this book and B made it a point to point out every animal when i read about them. For the craft, i printed a colouring sheet with a barn and various animals that we coloured together. I then cut out all the animals and barn and cut them in half for a matching game which B really enjoyed! Pictures at #happyblurrybeautiful, #hbbtoddlerbookclub
    Thanks for a great read Ritu!

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