August Book Club: Week Three – The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…
If you go down to the woods today, you’d better go in disguise…

This week we have been working on teddy bears since we are reading The Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Or should I say singing? Little Bear loves the song so we never really read the book, we always sing it!

We got back from a short road trip on Monday and spent Tuesday reading a bazillion books and playing with every toy Little Bear has. Boy that kid misses his toys when he’s away from them for a few days!
We spent time reading The Teddy Bears’ Picnic and having a bit of a march/dance. Little Bear assigned me to the drums and he was on guitar and we created our own marching band. We sang, marched, danced and made a tonne of noise.

The next day, Little Bear and a few of his friends got together with their teddies and had a teddy bear picnic at a local park. They made teddy bear headbands, sang “teddy bear, teddy bear,” had a picnic, played on the playground and chased each other around.


Can you spot all the teddies? Every guest brought their favourite teddy/plush animal, and, because they are toddlers, almost every guest abandoned their teddy (although R is diligently holding on to hers! What will we do with these boys, eh?).


The teddy bear headbands were simple and quick to prep, decorate and assemble.  I simply cut out the pattern for bear ears on a template and cut out the ears from different coloured construction paper.  The headband had two parts: the ears and then a back band.  After the kiddos decorated the front of the bear ears, we simply taped the headband to fit each child.  Doesn’t get much easier than that!


It sure is hard to get a good shot of a bunch of toddlers!  We also missed out on a shot of some of the babies that joined the teddy bear’s picnic! A big thank you to Nicole Turner for capturing some shots of the day and letting me use them in this post.

Little Bear loved the teddy bear’s picnic and referred to his teddy as his teddy bear picnic teddy for the rest of the day.

Today Little Bear wasn’t interested in any of the craft activities I set up, so instead we read a number of teddy bear books:


Cold Paws, Warm Heart (Madeleine Floyd): A beautiful book about kindness, compassion, and friendship.  Also love the title of this book, as it reminds me of my mom warming my hands in hers and saying “cold hands, warm heart.”


Paddington Bear (Michael Bond): A classic! Who doesn’t love Paddington? This is the first book, where the Brown family discovers the bear in Paddington station.


Old Bear and His Cub (Olivier Dunrea): This is a book that Arun loves to read to Little Bear.  It’s a very cute look at the relationship between caregiver and child.  Old Bear takes care of Little Cub and Little Cub takes care of Old Bear.


A Pocket for Corduroy (Don Freeman): A cute tale of a teddy bear searching for a pocket.  A horrific tale of what could happen if you leave the house with your child’s lovey…which happens to no longer be in production…and you already lost your spare.  Okay, so that is definitely not what Dan Freeman had in mind when he wrote about Corduroy looking for a pocket and getting separated from his owner, Lisa, but that is all I can think about when I read this book.  Luckily Little Bear can’t read my thoughts.


Do you have a favourite teddy or stuffed toy from when you were a child? Does your child have a favourite teddy or lovey?

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