August Book Club: Week Four & GIVEAWAY

Happy Monday, folks!

This is the final week of our August book club.  The book this week is the beautiful and meaningful book by Kathryn Otoshi, One.  On the surface, One is all about numbers, colours, and feelings, but at a deeper level One teaches young child all about bullying, friendship, and inclusion.



In One, we are introduced to an assortment of characters: Blue – the protagonist, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange and Red – the antagonist.  The colours are all given different character traits, and we discover that Blue is being bullied by Red.  Although the other colours can sympathize with Blue, nobody stands up for Blue until One comes along and helps all the colours count.  This book is clever, well-written and contains countless lessons within its pages.


The author, Kathryn Otoshi, has a background in art, which is clear to see in the simple but powerful way that this book has been illustrated.  The pages are not busy with action, but instead Otoshi has used colour in a very intelligent way to support her story. While I enjoy and appreciate this as an adult, my two  year old is also equally enchanted by the artwork.

As I mentioned in our original book club post, this book was given to Little Bear as a first birthday present (One for the one year old).  While as a one year old he wasn’t quite able to grasp all the concepts, we were still able to go through the pages and look at the colours, shapes and numbers.  Now, at two and a half, Little Bear is able to talk about how Blue feels, how the shapes change in size, the way Red acts, and is also able to point out the different numbers as they come along.  With Little Bear being such a prolific reader, it is great to have a book in our collection that we know will continue holding valuable and interesting lessons for many years to come.

This book is such a fun book to explore with your children and is such an important book in our family, I’m delighted to tell you that…


Ms. Otoshi has graciously sent me a beautiful CUSTOM edition of her book that not only includes an autographed copy of One, but also includes her equally beautiful Zero, the follow-up book to One!  Make sure to check back here tomorrow for a review of Zero!


Enter the giveaway now, for your chance to enjoy this book your little one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended.  The winner is MEENA BAGRI.  Congratulations, Meena.  You will be getting an email from us shortly.


9 thoughts on “August Book Club: Week Four & GIVEAWAY

  1. What a sweet book! Very well illustrated. My 2 year old understood the authors message against bullying and ran around practicing how to say “NO” to mean people. We also talked about how it is important to say NO when your friends are being bullied too. Would LOVE this book in our collection 🙂

  2. I like these books. A favourite of mine for the very young is “The Story of My Feelings” by Laurie Berkner; it comes with a CD of a beautiful song about four basic feelings and what we do. Preschool groups have almost always responded with “again” and then sing along; their favourite picture, already picked out.

  3. Wow! Just signed up for the draw, fingers crossed. Ritu, love your blog, and I’ve said this before, you are an absolute wealth of knowledge.

    I said I would comment with a book that means something to my family: Goodnight Moon.

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