August Book Club: Week Four – One

This week has been all about One, by Kathryn Otoshi.  I haven’t had a chance to post about what we’ve been up to, but here’s a rundown:

We’ve of course been reading One, which is a book Little Bear is very familiar with and a book that he loves!

Then there’s been the painting/finger painting…surprisingly, Little Bear didn’t want to start out finger painting and insisted on a brush.  He mixed colours, had fun painting with the brush for a little while, and then he handed me the brush and opted for his fingers! I wanted to use red and blue since we had been talking about those colours so much, and asked Little Bear which colours he wanted to add to his palate.  He chose only one colour: orange.


After that we sorted pom poms into a chip and dip tray that I had painted to coordinate with the pom poms. I didn’t get an action shot, unfortunately, but here’s what the tray looks like:


While Little Bear was eating lunch we practiced matching number using magnetic numbers:


And then all the numbers got all jumbled…

What’s your favourite way to practice colours and numbers with your LO? Have you been reading One along with us?

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