Zero (by Kathryn Otoshi)


A hole?
A hula hoop?
An emoji in permanent state of surprise?
Nope…zero. Comes before one, but carries no value. Ouch, that can’t feel good!

Kathryn Otoshi’s follow-up book to One is Zero, a book about finding belonging and the road to self-acceptance.
In this book, the protagonist, Zero is distraught at being the only number that doesn’t fit.  She tries and tries to change herself, but nothing works. No matter what, poor Zero is stuck, cornerless, with that hole in that middle. Her life seems hopeless…until Seven comes along and reminds her that “every number has value.” After that we see the transformation of Zero from a weak, dull grey number, to a bold, vibrant and confident silver number.

If you are familiar with Kathryn Otoshi’s first book in this series, One, you will recognize her elegant yet powerful style of writing and illustrating. Otoshi introduces a new number in this book, and with it a new storyline chock full of lessons. Once again, there is the obvious lesson on numbers and the value they hold (including an increase in the difficulty of numbers compared to One), but there are still deeper lessons about self-worth, belonging, appearance, and acceptance.  Zero teaches children about finding value within themselves and also helping friends to find the value within themselves.


Little Bear is an avid reader so it’s refreshing when we read a book that everyone in the house loves.  Kathryn Otoshi’s writing has managed to please all the critics in our household.  After reading both One and Zero, it is clear to see that these books are books that everyone should have the opportunity to read, if not own.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about these books! And I’m so excited that her newest book, Two, is set to come out on September 15! If you don’t have a copy of One or Zero yet, don’t despair – enter to win a custom autographed copy of One and Zero that Ms. Otoshi has very kindly sent to us at Happy Blurry Beautiful! (If you don’t win, you can still pick up copies of the books at your local bookstore or on Amazon.)
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