Fizzing and Foot Painting

Last week was all about The Foot Book for our Toddler Book Club!


Between reading it, singing the hokey pokey, and tickling 10 little piggies, we managed to get some time to have fizzy fun and some stomp painting!

In our last book club post I mentioned a fun baking soda and vinegar activity that I found over on Toddler Approved. Little Bear had a blast with this activity and it was something he had never tried before!



Materials needed:

  • large shallow dish or tray
  • baking soda (enough to cover the bottom of the dish)
  • vinegar in a spray bottle or eye droppers
  • food colouring (optional)
  • toys with feet


  1. If using, combine water with colouring.  Put baking soda in dish.
  2. Invite your little one to play with the toys in the baking soda.  Point out the footprints and talk about the different sizes and shapes that they are.  Finish off with having all the toys standing up in the baking soda.

When ready, invite your little one to spray the vinegar on top of the feet of the toys.









Another equally messy and fun activity that we did yesterday was our foot stomp painting! We got out some craft paper, some paints, and set ourselves up outside to make a foot painting! The aim of this is fun, nothing that you might necessarily frame as a keepsake.  Be prepared for lots of giggles when you paint your little one’s feet, paint everywhere, and lots of fun to be had.  Tip: Keep the dog away from the paint! Our dog secretly thinks he’s Picasso, but no one wants to clean paint off of paws!






Here is our finished product:


We also played our own version of Simon Says while painting this, with me giving commands and Little Bear following. Commands including marching, jumping, stomping, stepping with his left foot, standing on his right foot, etc.

If you have a nice flat driveway, this would be a great place to do this activity. It was a bit hard keeping the craft paper on the grass (we used painter’s tape, which worked for a bit, but didn’t hold up with our Simon Says activity).

Overall, the activities this week were a great way to practice different foot-based activities and left vs. right.

How do you like to practice left and right with your little one?

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