September Books: Week Two



september book club_jpgYep, it’s the middle of September, and the end of our When Autumn Falls week! Not that autumn is near over…it’s just beginning, which means that we can spread out the autumn crafts, songs, and learning all season!

Little Bear and I had a great week with this book.  Here are some of the things that we got up to…

(For a full rundown of the When Autumn Falls activities, check out our September books page.)


We had a tonne of fun doing some apple stamp painting.  We made sure to cut the apple strategically to create a handle for Little Bear.




The handle made the apple super easy to grasp and Little Bear loved being able to mix colours and stamp to his heart’s content.


I think he ended up stamping on about 568 pieces of paper.  We started out with orange, red, and green to keep to the autumn theme, but when Little Bear was out of those paints he chose to combine blue and pink.  Such a beautiful combination!  These would make great autumn themed cards, as well.  Simply cut out a square, paste onto cardstock that has been folded in half, and customize the message inside.


We also had a great time taking advantage of all the natural sensory stimulation out there right now.  We are often outside, but we had a great nature walk this week where we focuses specifically on the changes that the trees are going through right now.  We talked about the change in colours (green to red, yellow, orange, and brown) and texture (smooth to rough, brittle, and, as Little Bear described it “crunchy”), and also talked about how some trees weren’t not shedding their leaves (evergreens and even a holly tree that we passed!).  Little Bear helped me point out which berries were gone (wild raspberries and blackberries) and which berries were still there.  We also gathered interesting leaves, rocks, sticks, and pine cones that we examined more carefully at home.  Little Bear set out to find the “big leaves,” while I pointed out all the different types of leaves that had already fallen.





Little Bear’s favourite thing to collect is always rocks, but he also enjoyed trying to figure out which leaves had come from which tree.

What is your favourite fall-time activity with your little one?


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