What I Made Wednesday

Soooo it’s been quieter than usual on the blog this month. Things happen, life happens, you know how it goes. As we reach the end of the month I’m feeling that itch to get things moving and get things done. And that started today, with my first “What I Made Wednesday.”

what i made wednesday



Construction truck pyjama pants! Simple, fun, fast, and boy did it make Little Bear happy.  He loves trucks.  Before he was born I knew maybe three types of trucks.  Now I find myself slowing down as we pass construction sites and pointing out skid steers or diggers. (Yep, I’m THAT driver!) And lately he has been absolutely in love with his pyjamas. Combine those two loves and we have the 30 minute pyjama pants! (Okay, it was really about 40, but that was only because I took a break to fly around the Milky Way.  When the 2 year old says we need to go to Mars, we go to Mars, darn it!)

pj pants

These were super easy to make.  For the pattern I just used a pair of pants that Little Bear already had and I actually had all the materials hanging out at home, just begging to be used up! The work was minimal, with 4 seams, plus hemming the ends and an elastic waistband. The pants took less than 1/2 a metre of fabric in total and this material was a comfy flannel which I had cleverly pre-washed before adding it to my growing pile of fabric.

I even have a little fabric left over.  Hmm, I wonder if Ziggy would like a matching construction themed e-collar accessory.  We’ll leave that til Thursday.


Ziggy for the sympathy vote…

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