Staying Active Through the Holidays

staying active through the holidays
As we enter the holiday season, focus and motivation in regards to the gym and fitness tend to take the back burner. It happens to all of us, and quite frankly it is inevitable. Whether it  is having a “couple” of those delicious homemade Christmas treats, or skipping a workout here and there due to family gatherings and busy schedules, it always seems like there is something we can use as an excuse. My personal excuse is that when I leave for the gym (4:30 am), it has been -8 degrees and honestly I would MUCH rather be in my warm bed for a couple more hours, before I need to wake up and go to work. Just remember, if you miss a day here and a day there, it isn’t the end of the world. Consider it a rest day and don’t beat yourself up. Just don’t let it become a habit, otherwise all your hard work and dedication from the previous months could suffer.

I have a couple of tips to help you stay on top of your routine during the holidays. Continue reading

Minted: Where All The Pretty Things Are

I am no calligrapher. Believe me, I’ve tried. Usually after reading a bit of Pride and Prejudice. It starts by me donning my English accent, then I grab a pen with a flourish and start to write with a flourish.  Of course it looks nothing like calligraphy and more like chicken scratch. This happens a lot during the holidays as I try to replicate the beautifully addressed envelopes that I see floating around Pinterest. Austen-ification fail!

But let me share with you a little secret I just discovered…

envelopes by minted

Minted has these Austen worthy envelopes that are charming without needing to be labour intensive on my part. Wouldn’t you love to receive a card addressed to you like these ones? Better than anything on Pinterest and to top it off there are dozens of design choices for your envelopes! (And right now they’re FREE when you order your holiday cards.) Continue reading