3 Things Thursday

Today I’m sharing some of the things that have happened in my world this week in an instalment of 3 Things Thursday, part of a weekly link up with Salma at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living, and Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch.

I love the idea of a weekly check in or roundup, as it really allows you to reflect on what was important or exciting every week! Sometimes it feels like the week just flies by, so this is a great way to reflect while sharing. 

1. Olivia Rose Pettiskirts

The rose pink pettiskirt by Olivia Rose

For those of you with little girls, you know exactly what this means: big, frilly, voluminous tutus! I had seen the line in Chapters/Indigo stores before and had always thought to myself how ridiculously cute they were. I mean, these tutus take tutus to the next level! Plus they’re super soft and come in a great range of colours, something that I’m realizing I’m not liking about shopping the girls’ section so far (so, so, so much pepto bismol pink!).

Thank you, Olivia Rose! Your pinks don’t remind me of Pepto Bismol and allow me to buy something super girly without feeling limited colour-wise!

I’m so excited to see my little girl in her frilly rose pink pettiskirt! Now…what exactly do you pair with such an amazingly frilly tutu?? Good thing I have a while to figure that one out!

2. The heat

An image I shared on Instagram captured the way Ziggy chose to cool down! Head resting in the ice water, smart boy!

Yikes. I’m not someone who enjoys the heat in large doses, so being pregnant as the heat hits has been something else. I’m bracing myself for a long summer, especially since summer hasn’t even really started!

My plan so far for the summer entails me being a total hermit crab during the midday hours or me basically spending as much time as possible in the water! This week I was able to relax despite the heat by finding shade when possible and heading down to the cool, breezy beach for a few hours.

3. Relaxing through Play

Loads of adults love colouring and say it helps relax them. I’m totally in that camp. Little Bear will be finished colouring and on to the next activity while I’m finding my own zen through Crayolas.

This week, at the end of  a particularly stressful day, I stepped back and decided instead of feeling defeated, I would vent…through play dough! Little Bear and I had a blast playing with play dough and it was the perfect therapy to get my mind off things and feeling a bit more relaxed. Felt like a bit of a parenting win after a hard day where my attention had been taken away from Little Bear for much of the day. Great reminder to enjoy the small things and release the stress!

How has your week been so far?

Make sure to check out Salma at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living, and Nisha at Live Laugh Mirch for their 3 Things Thursday posts and also to check out all the other blogs linking up this week!

3 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday

  1. That tutu looks goregous! I’m bracing myself for the Texas heat as well! Nice to have you join the linkup so I could find your blog!

  2. That tutu is so cute! I’m sure you’ll find so many great things to pair it with! That is a good plan to stay cool and in the shade. It’s already been so hot and add your bun in the oven and you’re going to need that plan! So happy to have you linking up to 3 Things Thursday. Have a great weekend!

  3. so. freaking. adorable.

    I really like playing with playdoh with the kids or even its super messy homemade counterpart cloud dough, so relaxing! (you know until it’s time to clean up!)

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