3 Things Thursday: Week 4

I’m linking up to 3 Things Thursday again this week. This fun linkup is hosted by Salma of The Write Balance, Raj of Pink Chai Living, and Nisha of Live Laugh Mirch.


Here are three things on my mind this week…

1. A Poignant Post
A couple of days ago I read this amazing post on babble.com, entitled Don’t Call My Daughter “shy.” I shared it on my personal Facebook page, but have been thinking about it ever since I first read it and wanted to talk about it again.
I love the message in this post. As a parent of “shy” child, I appreciate writer Chaunie Brusie’s truthful words about her daughter. Parents always want the best for their children, and for me being the mother of a “shy” child has been something I’ve struggled to come to terms with. Her words really hit home for me, particularly her conclusion:  

I wish I could stop the world from seeing her as less than she is, but I can’t. For some reason, the world wants to value the loud, the life-of-the-party types, the ones who steal the spotlight.But know that I always see my daughter for what she is.

I see her bravery, the way she can size up a situation before approaching it. 

I see her kindness, the way tears fall from her eyes whenever my own fill. 

I see her loyalty, the way her eyes light up around her family, at home. 

I see her dedication, to the friends that she has come to trust, the ones that she can play with on the sidelines.

I see her hesitation, wanting to do her best yet unsure if she can. 

And I wish so much that the world could see her the way I do —

Absolutely perfect.

For anyone with a “shy” child, I recommend this article for a bit of quick encouragement! The writer also talks about a book that she recently read, Quiet by Susan Cain. I’ll be reading this book and hopefully gaining more insight into introverted personalities.

2. Cooling Foods

Cucumber by Max Mallett, CC by 2.0

Cucumber by Max Mallett, CC by 2.0

When it’s hot, I’m the one who’s complaining the loudest, so this summer is sure to be the longest one ever, seeing as I’m pregnant and boy is it HOT already! This week we’ve been all about keeping cool. What do you do to stay cool? I bet you you probably have icy cold drinks and ice cream, right? Well how about foods to help you stay cool? For many people, this concept is not new, as it is quite a common idea around Asia.

If you haven’t ever thought about foods that could help cool you down, check out this great infographic featuring some cooling foods and warming foods!

3. Thinking of freezer meals

Do you like making freezer meals? Scouring through Pinterest, you can find millions of them, some of them complicated, some easy, some healthy, some downright sinful. I love freezer meals, but I have to admit that I usually cheat my freezer meals! I’ll double or triple a batch of whatever meal I’m making and then freeze all the extra portions. Another “cheat” freezer meal that I have is freezing some of those leftovers to later give them new life. Whether it be extra quinoa salad, cookies, or even the last little bit of pasta sauce that always gets left over, freezing things give you a chance to stretch the meal into a new week or just rethink what you want to do with them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my favourite freezer meals lately, because I have a crazy plan – making a zillion freezer meals before the baby comes. No, I’m not the first person to have done this, but I’m going to try to make a month’s worth of meals to keep in my freezer. Yes, that’s right, a month’s worth.

I love eating out, but I hate the feeling of NEEDING to eat out because there’s nothing that’s working for me in the fridge. After having Little Bear, that’s precisely how I felt. The first day we came home with Little Bear we ended up getting take out because, well, we were hungry! Eating out should be fun and exciting, not a last minute necessity. My solution is the freezer meal!

I’ve been taking time to craft my list of our favourite freezer friendly meals as well as adding some new ones that I discover on Pinterest. I’m doing this now because come August, I’ll be undertaking the fun job of making all these freezer meals so that in September (when Little Pip is due) we won’t be living on crackers and tea (although I do love crackers and tea…).

Do any of you have go-to freezer meal recipes that you keep on hand? Have you ever stocked up on a freezer full of meals?

2 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday: Week 4

  1. I will definitely check out that article. My sister is pretty shy and I’m usually out spoken loud one. I know she often would get annoyed and hurt with people constantly calling her shy. Even though she is younger than me, she is definitely the more mature one and tends to think things through way before acting on her emotions. I do admire her a lot.
    Side note… I didn’t know gazpacho was considered a cool food. Interesting… thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I’ve read that article before and it really hit home with me as well, having two ‘shy’ children myself. It was so hard because as soon as one of the kids did something that wasn’t outgoing, people immediately ask them or me, “Oh are you shy?” I don’t use the word myself at all but with everyone else, there is no way to keep it out of the kids heads and minds. Happy to have you linking up, good luck with the freezer meals!

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