3 Things Thursday: Week 6

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for a fun weekly check-in with #3ThingsThursday! This linkup is hosted by Salma of The Write Balance, Raj of Pink Chai Living, and Nisha of Live Laugh Mirch.

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Here are my 3 things:

1) Bike Safety

Now, I don’t actually ride a bike (that’s a story for another day), but this week bike safety has been on my mind a lot. And actually, strike that. This isn’t just about bike safety, but really safety in general.

On Monday I had to spend some time after work helping deal with an emergency situation after my shift had ended. Long story short, two major issues that came up during this emergency were:

  1. People not wearing the right protection when on a bike
  2. People not carrying identification on them

The first issue is a no-brainer. On a bike? Wear a helmet. If you want, add some knee pads, elbow pads, whatever type of pads you want. But just don’t forget the helmet! There are so many stylish and sleek options nowadays, you really don’t have an excuse for not wearing one.

The second issue is something that a lot of people do all the time. Maybe it’s for a bike ride, or a walk, or a run, but whatever activity you’re doing, you decide to do this without any identification on you. All you need is one card or even a note with some of your information and an emergency contact. You don’t know what could happen and if you’re unable to speak for yourself in an emergency situation, the first responders will have no way of notifying your friends or family. While (fortunately) the situation we had to deal with wasn’t a life or death situation, I have heard of a life or death situation where someone didn’t have identification with them.

Think twice before leaving the house without anything on you!

2) Berry Picking

Today Little Bear and I will be heading out to do some berry picking. We’ll be going to Krause Berry Farms for the very first time, and we’re both excited to check out what all the fuss has been about. It seems like the berry season has been very early this year, so we know that we’ve missed out on the strawberries, but we’ll be catching lots of blueberries and the tail end of the raspberries. And what are we most excited about? The waffles and pies that we’ve heard are amazing!

Between me being preggers and Little Bear being 3 years old, we’re not expecting a huge haul of berries, but as long as we leave with bellies full, we’ll be happy. The major haul of berries will be coming soon, when a friend and I repeat what we did last year and buy 100 lbs of blueberries to split! Anyone want to come help me sort berries?

Last year's blueberry haul

Last year’s blueberry haul

3) The Dreaded Test

This Saturday I have the pleasure of taking my gestational diabetes test. One word: yuck. Blech. Ugh.

If you’ve ever had to take this test before, you might understand my reaction. The test is a combination of nerves and boredom chased with acrid sweetness. When I took the test with Little Bear, my first reaction to the drink was that it wasn’t as bad as I had heard. Then I kept drinking, and it hit me. Distasteful, to say the least.

I’ll be taking the test first thing on Saturday, and I’ll be very happy when it’s all over!
gestational diabetes test

What do you do to make time pass more quickly when taking a long medical test?

2 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday: Week 6

  1. My SIL recently had to take the gestational diabetes test too… I’ve heard it’s no fun… but hey… starring at that Ryan Gosling picture should help make it somewhat bearable! 😉

  2. Lol, that a Ryan Gosling pic definitely makes it more fun! And I never really thought about the identification thing but you’re right, it’s very important! Thanks for linking up to #3ThingsThursday, I always enjoy reading your posts.

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