Avocado Oil: Our New All-Purpose Oil (& an Avocado Oil Salad Dressing Recipe)

At the end of March I had an opportunity to check out the Healthy Family Expo. There were countless fun activities, an awesome kid’s adventure zone, and too many great and innovative products to even start to list. We left weighed down with product that we were excited to try out, and we were honestly not disappointed by any of the new products we tried out.

Avocado3 (c) HarmonyRae, CC by 2.0

Avocado 3 (c) HarmonyRae, CC by 2.0

One of the products that we tried out for the first time was avocado oil. I had only heard of avocado oil before attending the show, but had the opportunity to try out Olivado Organic Fair Trade Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.*  Arun and I both loved the taste and ended up picking up a couple of bottles to take home.

olivado extra virgin avocado oil

If you have never tried it, let’s start by going over some of the amazing benefits of avocado oil. Avocado oil is chock full of antioxidants, Vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10. There is no trans fat or cholesterol in this kind of oil and it is high in all the good fats that we love! It also has more Omega 9 and chlorophyll than olive oil. Furthermore, it also is said to lower blood pressure and is an anti-inflammatory that has even been used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

It is not just healthy for you either. It tastes great, is a liquid oil much like olive oil, and has a high smoke point (much higher than olive oil, and comparable to coconut, grapeseed, or canola oils), meaning that it is a great oil to cook with. The taste is unique; it doesn’t taste simply like an avocado, and it’s not a bland oil by any means.

Consuming the oil in a salad or with a great bread really lets its delicious flavour shine, but you can really use this oil just as you would any cooking oil. One of our favourite ways to have this oil is in salads with Arun’s quick and simple homemade dressing. Avocado oil in a dressing has really replaced olive oil for us, and I’m sure if you try an avocado based dressing, you’ll love it too!

Simple Avocado Oil Dressing
(makes 4 servings)


2.5 tbsp avocado oil
2.5 tbsp olive oil
5 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp honey
a handful of fresh basil, chopped
salt, to taste
freshly cracked black pepper, to taste


  1. Whisk all ingredients together. Store in an air-tight container (like a mason jar) or use immediately. Will keep  up to 3 days.

If you are salad lovers like us, also make sure to check out this recipe:

quinoa salad, avocado oil

Cleansing Quinoa Salad (by yours truly, via Scratch Mommy)

*We have not received any product, payment, or compensation of any sort by Olivado or any other company. The views and opinions in this post are completely my own.

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