3 Things Thursday: Week 8

The week has flown by and it’s already time for #3ThingsThursday – a wonderful link up hosted by Salma of The Write Balance, Raj of Pink Chai Living, and Nisha of Love Laugh Mirch!


It dawned upon me this week that I’m 29 weeks pregnant already. That means that today I have only 74 days left until the due date! And according to Google (I don’t leave anything up to my horrible math skills), I’m in my SEVENTH month. Holy pickle, when did that happen? All of this has got me thinking about the things that I need to get done before this baby comes along. And even though I have a while yet, one of the items on my to do list is packing that hospital bag.

pregnancy hospital bag packing

Here are my three must have things in that hospital bag…

1. Yummy, healthy snacks

The last thing on my mind during my last delivery was food. In fact, I didn’t really eat much the weekend leading up to Little Bear’s birth. I was in labour, and that’s not exactly a time where you feel your hungriest. I know that I ate some of Arun’s amazingly delicious apple and pear oatmeal the day before Little Bear was born, but can’t recall eating anything else. Well, Little Bear was born at 11:51 and about two seconds later I was looking for lunch. It was good timing though, since I was served lunch immediately after delivering. Lunch was…well, I’m not sure. There were peas. And ham. I don’t eat ham. Did that stop me? Nope, I just pushed it aside and ate around whatever the goop I was served happened to be. Ugh, I shudder at the memory of that meal!

I had packed snacks and some Trader Joe’s instant meals last time, but a lot of the snacks I packed were inconvenient or just weren’t nourishing and energizing. This time around I realize that I’ll need to pack good, wholesome, convenient, and energizing food for myself, Arun, and Little Bear when he joins us in the hospital.

Some of the snacks that I’m thinking of are those delicious and wholesome Hornby Island Energy Bars, energy balls like the ones I talked about a few weeks ago, and my Healthy Protein Breakfast Muffins.

zucchini carrot protein muffins

2. Extra clothes for Little Pip

When Little Bear was born I had packed a few changes of clothes for him, thinking that if for some reason I needed more clothes, I could just send Arun back home to grab some. After all, we don’t live far from the hospital and how many outfits could a baby go through?

How many outfits could a baby go through? LOTS.

Aside: Little did I know, though, that would become my life for the next few months. Little Bear had reflux, and even with medication we were all always covered with spit up. I still have nightmares where there’s projectile spit up dripping down my back!

This time around, I’ll be bringing about 206 outfits for Little Pip, just in case. And warm outfits too, because boy, did that hospital room have crazy strong air conditioning!

I’m in love with this take-me-home set from Carter’s and might have to pick it up to pack in Little Pip’s bag:

take me home set carters


3. Makeup & Facial Wipes

I’m not the person that feels like they need to wear makeup every day of their life. I love not being able to wear makeup and feel like it’s really great for my skin. But birth is a serious matter. There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved. And more sweat. And a little more.

Did I mention sweat? As in, my skin is already oily enough – I don’t need anyone taking pictures of me looking gross, only to see these pictures for the rest of my life! Sure, moms glow with the love of their new baby. That glow? It’s sweat and trust me, my noise already looks like a deep fryer, it doesn’t need any of that motherly “glow” added to it!

With Little Bear, I made sure to pack some basic makeup and when I showered and cleaned up after delivery, I applied a bit of this makeup to make me look and feel a bit better. I’ve never regretted it. Okay, maybe I regretted forgetting my lip gloss, but luckily my mom had some lipstick handy!

Yes, I’m sure I sound ridiculously vain, but having some facial wipes (or cleanser) and some of my makeup essentials with me for after delivery really made me feel a lot better when I was actually just exhausted.

ritu and little bear

What were some of your essentials in your hospital bag?

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