Staying Active Through the Holidays

staying active through the holidays
As we enter the holiday season, focus and motivation in regards to the gym and fitness tend to take the back burner. It happens to all of us, and quite frankly it is inevitable. Whether it  is having a “couple” of those delicious homemade Christmas treats, or skipping a workout here and there due to family gatherings and busy schedules, it always seems like there is something we can use as an excuse. My personal excuse is that when I leave for the gym (4:30 am), it has been -8 degrees and honestly I would MUCH rather be in my warm bed for a couple more hours, before I need to wake up and go to work. Just remember, if you miss a day here and a day there, it isn’t the end of the world. Consider it a rest day and don’t beat yourself up. Just don’t let it become a habit, otherwise all your hard work and dedication from the previous months could suffer.

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Fit Friday Review: Map My Run


In order to meet personal goals and progress further in your fitness regime, you must record what you do (i.e. How many sets of what weight you do, or how many KM you run/walk/jog, etc.) Whether it be weight training or cardio exercises, the best way to move to the next step is by outdoing yourself. Your only competition is yourself.

At the gym you may see people with a notebook and pen, jotting down some quick notes once they have completed their set. This is a great way to keep record of what you have done, for future reference. But this doesn’t work as practically for cardio, for the obvious reasons. Most of us are so dependent on our cell phones, we carry them everywhere and use them for a multitude of purposes.

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Fit Friday: Getting Out of the Breakfast Rut

Welcome to your first instalment of Fit Friday with Arun! I will be periodically posting about incorporating health, nutrition and fitness into our daily routines.  My target will be posts that help you balance family, work, and wellness.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But how many of us are guilty of skipping breakfast, grabbing something from the drive-thru window, or resorting to nutritionally lacking breakfast options? We all do it.  We’re pressed for time and end up running out of the door with a bagel and a coffee.  For me, I was packing oats every weekday.  That’s 260 portions of plain oatmeal every year.  BORING!

breakfast box

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