Stylish Mommas: Tiny Teethers Review (With Giveaway and Promo Code!)

Out of all the changes to come out of motherhood, one of the least expected for me was my appearance slump.

2011 067

Arun and I when I was almost 4 months pregnant! Hair: check. Pretty earrings: check. Tiny baby bump: check!

Before having kids, I loved getting dressed up and accessorizing. I enjoyed shopping and trying on new outfits. I enjoyed taking care of myself. Now however, like so many moms out there, I end up putting myself last and everyone else first. (Come on, moms – you know you do this too!)

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Minted: Where All The Pretty Things Are

I am no calligrapher. Believe me, I’ve tried. Usually after reading a bit of Pride and Prejudice. It starts by me donning my English accent, then I grab a pen with a flourish and start to write with a flourish.  Of course it looks nothing like calligraphy and more like chicken scratch. This happens a lot during the holidays as I try to replicate the beautifully addressed envelopes that I see floating around Pinterest. Austen-ification fail!

But let me share with you a little secret I just discovered…

envelopes by minted

Minted has these Austen worthy envelopes that are charming without needing to be labour intensive on my part. Wouldn’t you love to receive a card addressed to you like these ones? Better than anything on Pinterest and to top it off there are dozens of design choices for your envelopes! (And right now they’re FREE when you order your holiday cards.) Continue reading