DIY All-Natural, Extra Hold Beard Balm

Beards of the world, unite!

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Twinning: Matching Accessories for the Little Ones

what i made wednesday

I recently had a conversation with a fellow mom about how we felt about families matching. While I have nothing against a family wearing matching outfits, this particular mom absolutely loved it! I definitely enjoy coordinating for important events, especially if I know that there will be pictures taken, but we’re not big on matching.  This mom, however, had 3 kids, and it got me thinking about how adorable matching kids are! Whether you have matching twins or just siblings, I am all for it! It even reminded me of matching outfits I gave to a friend when she had her second boy.

Two little boys wearing the same outfits? Cute, right? Hmm, except…we’re having a girl!

gender reveal girl

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What I Made Wednesday: My First Rag Doll

what i made wednesday

Halloween was last week. You know what that means, right? Christmas is everywhere! Sure, maybe you haven’t started pulling out your decorations yet, but you know that you’ve been planning out the calendar, thinking about what gifts to buy, and I’m certain you’ve been seeing Christmas merchandise pop up everywhere!

Many people hold off until the month of December to start decorating, while others are already pulling out items. In our house we try to wait until after Arun’s birthday (November 18) until we pull out our decorations. If not for that marker, I probably would be part of the group that is already decorating!

But this post doesn’t count as Christmas decorating. Nope. This is preparation. This is learning something new. This is anything but Christmas decorating. Let’s call
It is Christmas practicing. Practice, because when I first decided to make my own Christmas elf, I knew I wanted to do a test run…and then maybe make a million of them. Continue reading

DIY Halloween Decorations

"Chase of the Witches 2" by M Ryan Taylor is licensed under CC by 2.0

“Chase of the Witches 2” by M Ryan Taylor is licensed under CC by 2.0

Double, double toil and trouble; 
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Halloween scares me.  My mother was never a huge fan of Halloween, and while I’ve grown to enjoy the holiday, I’m not somebody who revels in the darkness of what Halloween is all about.  Last year Arun, Little Bear paid a visit to the local Halloween supply store that had set up shop in our neighbourhood.  Let’s just say the visit was brief but memorable, and not in a good way.  The goriest I can go is a red handprint window cling or an obviously fake hand sticking out of a flower bed.  We have some neighbours a block away that go all out every Halloween.  Jason in the window.  Graveyard in the front yard.  You can hear the children screaming for miles on Halloween night as they dare to collect their candy from this awesome spectacle.

My version of Halloween is tamer.  Think of candy corn and a cartoony ghost in the window.  This year I want to get a bit more into it.  Not Jason in the window into it, though! (Hats off to my neighbours though!)  Here are a few ideas that I found and loved…

15 diy halloween decorations

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