Nutty Almond Shortbread

There is nothing like a good cup of tea.  It can soothe your worries, warm you up, or heal you if you’re feeling sick.  Coffee is great for waking up or working all night long, but tea begs you to relax and renew.  Think of it like yoga in a mug.  Plus, with a bajillion varieties of tea out there, there’s always some variety of tea you’ll enjoy.  From green tea to chamomile, vanilla to licorice, the sky is the limit with tea!

That being said, sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming.  Especially when it means to try out new varieties you end up whole packages, when really what you want to do is sample and try out new flavours.  I often stay within a “tea comfort zone” because I don’t want to get a tea that I don’t like and be stuck with a whole pack of it.  Tea shops are great places to try out new teas, but when I recently heard about a tea subscription service, I was immediately interested.  I realized later that I have a close friend who had subscribed to this service and loved it, so I was excited when I had a chance to try out a tea box from Tea Sparrow. Continue reading