Broccoli Quinoa Rice Casserole

delicious broccoli quinoa rice casseroleOkay, so it’s not the shortest name, but just call it delicious and comforting, because that’s what it is! I am a huge fan of creamy, comforting broccoli rice casserole, and have tried many versions of the lighter and healthier broccoli quinoa casserole but always felt like it was missing something. This version is a marriage of both versions. The added quinoa gives the dish a protein boost, which is a plus when I’m feeding my picky vegetarian toddler, but the rice, cheese, and slurry offer the creaminess that I have come to expect from this dish. Continue reading

Easy Indian Barbecue

It was the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and unfortunately I spent the better part of the weekend sick…and not just pregnancy sick. Sick sick. The worst kind of sick on a super hot long weekend when you’re pregnant and really just want an Advil! Loaded with my essential oils, Manuka honey, and lemon, I battled it out most of the weekend, but unfortunately succumbed to an icky sick induced sleep for the better part of the holiday Monday. Yep, so for the first long weekend of the summer here in Canada, I slept.

Mind you I did feel better when I woke up and I finally had an appetite after not being able to eat much for the past 24 hours. And what better way to celebrate feeling slightly better, a sunny day, and Queen Victoria than an Indian barbecue?! Continue reading

Slow Cooker Indian Kidney Beans (Rajma)

They say every pregnancy is a little different, and so far, that couldn’t be more true for me. At 13 weeks, I feel miserable. But since that has become the new norm for me, I will adapt. Accommodate. Make things work!

One major difference this time around is my appetite.  I had nausea throughout my entire pregnancy with Little Bear, but this time around, there are waves of nausea, followed by complete, savage, hunger.  Which has meant having a stocked fridge…when I need food, I need it fast! Continue reading

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

vegetarian black bean soup_ title

Feeling cold? Try this easy soup recipe! It’s a full meal – carbs, protein, veggies, and it packs a kick in the flavour arena.

And hey, haven’t you heard? Beans are the future.

Seriously.  Vegetarian, high protein, and delicious.  Enjoyed by people of all ages and all ethnicities.  A poor man’s food? Bah. Beans are for everyone, rich or poor!

One of my favourite beans is the black bean – thrown into a salad, chilli, tacos, wraps, or this delicious black bean soup.  Continue reading

Vegetarian Pho


Vegetarian Pho

You know how in Friends the gang has Central Perk? Well in university, my friends and I had Golden Train Express II. We would gather there for pho at all hours of the day and enjoy delicious Vietnamese food while creating amazing memories and developing a special friendship.  We had our regular order and waitress (oh Helen!) and loved the tacky mix of Vietnam meets Greece meets a bit of everything else with a few TVs and a fish tank thrown in for good measure.

We would usually all order some variety and size of pho. Delicious, hot, comforting bowls of noodle soup would be slurped up as we chatted our way through some memorable meals.  Pho is still one of my favourite foods. If you have never tried pho before, let’s start with the pronunciation.  While we spent most of our time at Golden Train Express II pronouncing the dish “faux,” the correct pronunciation is actually “feu” (as in French for “fire,” from the French dish “pot au feu”).  It is commonly served in a beef or chicken broth with noodles, meat, and garnished with your choice of bean sprouts, mint, basil, chili peppers, cilantro, and lime. Continue reading